Starting Over

I have neglected this blog for too long.

I spent a hiatus finishing my Ph.D. and thank God that is over. But like any commencement, a graduation just means that one enters into a new role in the journey of life and education.

To recap the intent of this blog: After spending time working through the Emergent movement in the church, I entered into the Eastern Orthodox communion. What I am doing here is to re-engage that dialogue with my Protestant past. Specifically, I will be working through the lessons in Progressive Christianity that drew me into Orthodoxy.

I will not speak for Orthodoxy in general. Nor will I speak for the theology of the bishops, patriarchs, and priests.

I have learned that as with any religion, there is diversity in Eastern Orthodoxy as I have matured in my practice of the faith.

My dialogue and conversation to Christianity starts again today. It is National Novel Writing Month. I don’t have a novel in me. But I have some blogging in me and this is where my theological spirit will live.

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