On Inching Back

  I do not know how to open my palms. Wide enough I manhandle the gift. Fumble and finger with all thumbs. At least I’m seeing clearer. Now. I think. At least I believe You will my good. Again. I see where the translation erred, where words were misplaced. Where I read between the lines [Read More…]

On Bad Mouthing God

God is good. I admit it. I say it out loud publicly. God is good and faithful and present. Even when our insides rail against such an obscene claim. But it is true. And I can’t pretend it’s not. Forever. God is. Good. Truly. Good. God speaks words. I hear these words. I believe them. [Read More…]

On Stories Across Faiths and Cultures

“It must be a skill, like fishing, to cast your net into a river of dreams and catch a splendid array of words.” So says the young poet Nur, one of the complex characters in Lyrics Alley, the newest novel by Muslim Sudanese-Egyptian author Leila Aboulela. It is true. Writing is a skill requiring practice [Read More…]

On Falling in Love

Paris is for lovers. This is fitting, because I am here for six weeks, to write yes, but also aching to fall in love again with my own heart. I am here hoping to woo myself back to that childish curiosity for life. I am here flirting with my delight in ordinary things like walking, [Read More…]

On Engaging God

  She said once that the way we encounter others is somehow related to how we engage with God. I hold that today. In a mid afternoon conversation I sit across the table from what is holy, my head held in my hand, my arm bent, elbow slid across the wood top, listening intently as [Read More…]

On Living with Longing

I am cohabitating with Longing. I refuse to commit long-term. Secretly I am hoping to soon bump into the real thing. And when I do I’ll come home, swing open the door of my house and declare loudly, “It’s over. It’s not me. It’s you.” But until then I can’t quite let go of what [Read More…]

On George and Jonathan and You

George and Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove I love to cook for people, shared meals are one of the ways I express and encounter deepening of relationship. I love to open my home to others as a place of respite or companionship,  and always  laughter (and mixed beverages.)  I want people to feel welcome, visible, and safe when [Read More…]

On Starting

He said, “I’ve been praying for you to find your voice.” He doesn’t know how I am threatened by the quiet, by the space that shows up each morning waiting for me to honor it. You have to trust the lump in your throat, the tightness in your rib cage, the hand in your stomach [Read More…]

She Loves

I am doing something a little different today. I am pointing you to another blog because it is somewhere I have discovered that God is at work. Isn’t it our job to shine the spotlight on such places? I want to tell you about SheLoves online magazine. Founding editor, Idelette McVicker is doing wonderful things [Read More…]

The Harder Task of Easter

It is Easter. Christ is Risen. Everything should change. Right? The Lord, the giver of life is raised from the dead. All things are possible and nothing is beyond God. I want to live as though I believe that to be true. I want to live as though Easter really matters. But I am so [Read More…]