Galatians Gabfest

Some cool stuff on Galatians is around on the web.

First, you can read about all the Galatians papers at SBL 2011 in San Francisco here.

Second, the 2012 St. Andrews Conference in Scotland will be about Galatians with speakers including N.T. Wright, Richard Hays, and Oliver O’Donovan, with a call for papers. Read more over here.

Third, you have to listen to this fairly awesome 12 minute session by Peter Leithart preaching on Galatians 2:11-14:

"You are all wacky beyond belief. Dunkers, dippers, all are lunatics"

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Seeing “Born of water” as an ..."
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Seeing “Born of water” as an ..."
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Seeing “Born of water” as an ..."

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