How’s this for two days . . . Prague & Yankee Stadium, NYC

Jan Hus Statue in Old Town Sq, Prague

In the last two days, I’ve been in Prague, London and New York City. Not something you do often. On August 8th, on our last day in the Czech Republic, I spent an amazing day in city of Prague. I was particularly interested in sites related to Jan Hus. I’ve been a bit infatuated with his story and the Reformation in the Czech lands in the 14-15 centuries for some time. It was so cool to see Bethlehem Chapel where Hus preached for 3 years over 3000 sermons. The Old Town Sq was also quite amazing. It is the most beautiful city in central Europe.

On August 9th, I flew standby between from Prague to Chicago through London. However, given the crowded flight to Chicago, it made the most sense to come home through NYC. Early afternoon weather put a wrench in my plan and forced the cancellation of a couple of afternoon flights. I was stuck in NYC.  So, I stay in Manhattan last night. It just so happened that the Yankees were home. I am a HUGE NY Yankees fan as some of you know and I took the opportunity to visit the New Yankee Stadium. I’d never been to the old one either. What a blast!

I’m still en route to Chicago today, but the weather is beautiful today in NYC so I should be able to get home.

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