Kevin Vanhoozer to return to Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Everybody’s favourite evangelical theologian (well at least mine) is leaving Wheaton College to return to Trinity International University. See the news from TIU here.

At ETS there will be a session on KJV’s book Remythologizing God which I would go to if there wasn’t already a session on at the same time concerning Galatians and Salvation-History! Why are all the good sessions always concurrent ???

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  • Jeremy

    As a TEDS graduate, this is great news. Vanhoozer had the most stimulating lectures I have ever heard. Even though he for the most part reads his lectures, his combination of intellectual rigor, wit, use of the English language, and theological jokes were a complete joy to listen to. If you ever wondered how people could be so fascinated by Jonathan Edwards mostly reading his lectures, after you hear Vanhoozer you won’t wonder why.

  • Mike Kibbe

    For those interested in more info regarding Dr. Vanhoozer’s relocation, see the post by Jeremy Treat (a current doctoral student under KJV at Wheaton):