Celebrating Advent with a Young Family

In this fourth and final week of Advent we lit the candle of Hope. The devotion we followed labeled the four candles: Promise, Light, Love and Hope. Each week we’ve been anticipating the coming of Jesus. We’ve meditated on God’s promise to send his Son to be the light of the world, the very embodiment of God’s love and in whom by the presence of the Holy Spirit we have hope.

This week we lit the rose candle as our fourth. However, that was out of order as one of our readers helpfully pointed out. I should have lit the rose candle in week three. Oh well! No harm no foul. This low church baptist is still figuring these things out. I will get it right next year!

The notable element this week was “the candle incident”. At some point on Wednesday, Zion took the rose candle and apparently whacked it against the table breaking it in two places. I didn’t discover this until the evening when we were sitting down for the devotion. The rose candle wasn’t with the others. I asked if anyone knew where it was. Zion went to the trash can and pulled out the broken candle. With no time to replace it, I simply taped it.

I thought for the final reflection on Advent with a young family, I would include a video of our Christmas Eve Eve devotion (we had it on Thursday night). It was not our best effort, but there are some great moments. The video certainly captures what we’ve been doing these four weeks leading up to Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

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