Funny Things Kids Say

Over the last couple of days, my kids have said some funny things. First, as I was putting Zion down for a nap yesterday he says to me “Daddy, I have something to tell you.”. I said to him, “Ok, what is it?”. He says,

Sometimes big people say things that little people don’t understand!

Next, we have been watching Star Wars over the Christmas holiday. We got the box set for a Christmas present, as predicted! We’ve watched episodes 4, 5 and 6 – we finished episode six on New Years Eve in fact. During the final scenes of the 6th episode when Luke appears before the Emperor, Zion said two very funny things. First he said . . .

Why does every one talk about ‘destiny’ all the time?

You know “Luke it is your destiny”.

And second, during the final fight scene between Darth Vader and Luke, he said of Luke . . .

He’s really getting the hang of it!

Mary, on the other hand, at one point during final scenes of episode 6th made the comment,

I really like his hat!

. . .  she was referring to Darth Vader’s helmet.

Funny stuff kids say.

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