Peter Williams on Gospels and the Eyewitnesses

Dr. Peter Williams the Warden of Tyndale House (and the most handsome NT scholar I know), gives a cracking good lecture on evidence that the Gospels were based on eyewitnesses accounts. Long, but worth watching.

YouTube Preview Image

Is it me, or does Peter sound like the weatherman from the TV show Horrible Histories?

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  • Stevencarrwork

    Did eyewitnesses really see the fetus John the Baptist leap for joy in the womb when the fetus Jesus entered the room?

    • tharris

      Steven, does Williams claim anything like this?

      • Stevencarrwork

        So Williams claims that lots of stuff in the Gospels is not eyewitness testimony?

        And presumably eyewitnesses saw the resurrected Jesus fly into the sky?

        • tharris

          Steven, it appears that you didn’t listen to this lecture. Why are you commenting here?

    • Add_ndd

      No, but they were the first witness of the experience shared by Elizabeth and Mary. Eye witness means first hand witness.

  • Preston

    I don’t know, Mike. I think that Euangelion’s own Joel Willitt’s is much better looking than Pete Williams.

  • Preston

    Willitts, not Willitt’s. Sorry Joel.