John Wesley and the Ministry Advantage of a Bad Marriage

Here’s an argument for the upshot of a bad marriage for success in ministry.

Wesley’s relationship with his wife continued to be distant and unhappy . . . According to an early biographer, Wesley “believed the Lord overruled this painful business for good; and that, if Mrs Wesley had been a better wife, he might have been unfaithful to the great work to which God had called him”. Whether or not their unhappiness was the work of God, there can be little doubt how greatly it benefited the Methodist movement, keeping him on the road while Charles, a happy husband and father, was now virtually retired. As Berridge of Everton put it, “Matrimony has quite maimed poor Charles and might have spoiled John and George [Whitefield], if a wiser master had not graciously sent them a brace of ferrets” (excerpt from Tomkins’ biography).

So those single men who have great vision for ministry, choose your spouse wisely!


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