Some Textual Criticism Stuff to Note

On the TC front, please note:

Dan Wallace now has his own personal blog, and Forbes magazine some more info from Wallace on the alleged first century fragment of Mark.

J.K. Elliott has an article on Recent Trends in Textual Criticism of the New Testament, which is worth reading.

Over at the ETC blog, I have also posted the beginnings of a poem on second century mss (yes, I know, the date of the mss are debated, blahcetera, blahcetera), but feel free to complete it.

If textual criticism is your favorite ship
Then learn the names of the early manuscripts
Don’t fry your brain, this ain’t penitentiary
Just learn the one’s from the second century
P52 is at the John Rylands Library
It’s gone bits of John 18  in all of its finery
p46 is the earliest copy of the letters of Paul
It’s mostly Chester Beatty if you recall
P77 has part of Matthew 23 my son
While P104 has part of  Matthew 21