N.T. Wright – Look at Jesus

Good stuff from N.T. Wright on the Gospels.


Incidentally, I’m hoping to deliver a lecture in a North American Reformed Seminary next year on the topic: “Not by Paul Alone: Why the Reformed Churches Need more Gospels.”

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  • MarieP

    Thanks for posting the video! That is a great point- many of the best sermons I’ve heard were very much “in the text” and painted a word-picture of the scene and where it fit in the larger narrative. I’ve found this not only in the Gospels, but in the book of Acts, which my pastor is currently preaching through. In fact, my pastor will often insert Paul’s epistles into the narrative, which really has served to open them up not just as theological arguments but as Paul’s pastoral heart toward real people.

    One sermon in particular was in Acts 17:10-12 on the believing Jews in Berea. He asked us to imagine we were there, and that we’d heard all our lives “One day, Messiah will come” and then to hear this man, this former student of Gamalial and persecutor of the church, now declaring that the Christ has come, and Him to which all those sacrifices and feasts and laws had pointed to now is here. I imagine it was only a semblance of what those early believers must have felt, but it was very moving! And then, Romans 11:17-21 came to my mind, and I was thankful that I, one from among the nations, find myself in Christ, and it was because some rejected that I would hear the Gospel message and believe!

    Oh, and now you’ve got me all curious about which Seminary you will be visiting!

  • http://www.biblicalreflection.weebly.com/johns-blog.html John Mureiko

    I have only recently begun to discover the richness of what is contained in the gospels. Isn’t that funny? That I could spend my entire life in the church, and now at 22 begin to start seeing what makes the gospels so precious. Should we neglect Paul? Not at all! But western Christians have sadly forgotten the man who called us and the stories that reveal who he was and what he did. Wright is really helping me to start opening my eyes to a bigger picture of the kingdom, and for that I am extremely grateful. I hope that as my two young boys grow older, I too can show them a glimpse of our friend and savior.

  • Alan Stanley

    Just read Hebrews 3:1; 12:2!