Top Ten Most Difficult Theological Issues

Brian LePort gives a very good and thought provoking list of the top ten most difficult theological issues today.

(1) The “ontology” of Scripture

(2) The historical Jesus in relation to creedal Christology

(3) Christian/Muslim relations

(4) The “historical” Adam and Eve

(5) Political allegiance and ecclesiastical unity

(6) Race/ethnicity and ecclesiastical unity

(7) Gender roles and equality

(8) Homosexuality and Christian ethics

(9) Creation, eschatology, and Christian ethics

(10) Education and the future of the seminary

Not a bad list, these are all real and hairy issues. What do you guys think? What are the top ten issues facing Christians and/or scholars today?

  • irenaeusquotes

    (11) The West’s interaction with global theologies

  • John McNassor

    12. The painful irrelevance of theology to (most) ministry in American churches.

  • Jesse Reese

    Take out the “historical” Adam and Eve and replace it with irenaeusquotes “West and global theologies” and I would agree wholeheartedly with this list without qualification.

  • Brian LePort

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Arthur Davis

    As a new intercultural worker with CMS Australia, I’d say the most pressing theological issues include:

    • Orality/oral cultures and Scripture access (70% of the world’s population do not read!)

    • Poverty and majority world contexts

    • Pentecostalism and world Christianity (I guess this is same sort of thing that irenaeusquotes is getting at)

  • Hermsol1

    The question is: what is love?

  • Bob O.

    Bob Osborn :