N.T. Wright, Homophobia, and Paganism

Here’s a question for everybody.

Can someone please tell me why we get the highest number of page views whenever I post on something related to “N.T. Wright,” “homophobia,” or “paganism”? I mean, what do these three topics have in common ???

I’m thinking that if N.T. Wright ever wrote a book on the history of homophobic pagans it would be an instant bestseller.

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  • S Wu

    I guess this particular post will attract an even higher number of page views 🙂

    But it’s a bit sad, really. There are plenty of important matters of the Bible in your blog that are worth reading.

  • Richard

    I got a lot of page views when I engaged with NT Wright’s comments on homosexuality. I wish my other work got as much attention.

  • N. T. Wright is the equivalent of catnip for many young evangelical theologians I know.

  • Michael Barber

    I’m not adding anything substantive to this thread.

    I just wanted to tell you hard I’m laughing.

  • markpowellwired

    could it be that caring, thoughtful church folks are struggling for answers to thorny questions?

  • Jay

    I think I remember that when Wright was being considered for the post at Andrews, that some of his (conservative) comments regarding his opposition to homosexual marriage when he was Bishop of Durham were deemed by the pro gay marriage faction as being intolerant. They then opposed his hiring at St Andrews, and that resulted in a lot of blogs mentioning this. No clue on the pagan part tho.

  • Peg Aloi

    As a rule, and in my experience, pagans do not tend to be homophobic, but very welcoming of all sexual orientations. So the notion of a “history of homophobic pagans” seems odd.

    • Anastasios

      The ancient Romans would have disagreed with you.

  • I visited your blog for the first time because of a twitter account I follow @ntwrightnews, which had tweeted about the activity on this blog. I’m sure there are a number of similar, contributing factors facilitating the increased traffic on the blog. I was not aware of your blog and have now subscribed to your RSS feeds.

  • Earning a Prophet’s Wage

    I am laughing too! Very funny.

    I have been a reader and enthusiast of N.T. Wright’s work for several years now. So I often look him up. I really do not spend a lot of energy and thought on homosexual issues, but a blogging friend does. I care about the issue, but it really does not rank very high for me. I figured Anne Rice’s connection to Wright, since her son is homosexual (I think) would thrust these elements together, but beyond that, I don’t know.

    Just out patroling the blogs and got a laugh from yours. Thanx!