Karen Spears Zacharias Interviews Scot McKnight about Eschatology

Karen Spears Zacharias (let’s just call her KSZ) interviews Scot McKnight about growing up dispensational and how he moved out of it. Note, Dallas and Liberty grads, you really, really should bookmark this page! It includes this quote:

I went to college as a devout fundamental dispensationalist, but in college I discovered George Ladd’s The Blessed Hope. That book convinced me of the post-tribulation rapture, and from that moment on I was opposed to dispensationalism.

Read at your own peril! Also has some good stuff on Israel, Muslims, and non-religious eschatology.

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  • Luke

    I’m a Dallas grad and I’m not dispensationalist. I graduated with a ThM in 2011 and I knew few students who actually were dispensationalists (most would be considered 4-point Calvinists attending Bible churches, though there is a large segment going the Anglican route now…..in fact, DTS is quite diverse as I have friends who run the gamut eschatologically, ecclesiologically, and theologically). I wrote a paper in an eschatology class arguing for an amillennial, no tribulation, no rapture view (I got an “A” on it, by the way). The rapture is a 19th century fabrication with no hint of exegetical evidence. The dispensationalism McKnight grew up with and turned against, which is the dispensationalism still decried by various others, is nearly dead and will never be revived again. I did not know one person at DTS who ascribed to that sort of dispensationalism. Not one person. Please don’t lump “Dallas” and “Liberty” grads in the same sentence (trust me, we’re nowhere close), and please don’t speak of all “Dallas” grads as if we’re all the same LaHaye-loving, prophecy-chart making, doom-and-gloom speaking fundamentalists. We’re not, and it insults me as a grad of DTS.

    I would’ve hoped your cordial relations and interactions with Darrell Bock throughout the years would’ve rid you of this stereotype shared by so many others. I suppose it’ll take years to overcome.