You are trying to read too much if . . .

Summertime is when you can catch up on all the reading you weren’t able to get to during the academic and ministry year – at least in theory. But lately I’ve been wondering whether or not I’m trying to read too much. Is it possible to read too much? I think so. So here’s a little questionnaire I’ve come up with.

You are trying to read too much if . . .

. . . the stack of books you’re attempting to read is nearly 3 feet high.

. . . you don’t have time to reflect on the book you’ve just finished reading.

. . . you are attempting to read 5 or more books at one time.

. . . one of the books you’re reading is Bethge’s biography of Bonhoeffer.

. . . you don’t exercise in order to read more.

. . . you avoid people so you can read more.

. . . you don’t ever finish a book you start.

. . . you take a book to a holiday cookout.

What do you think? Can you come up with some more questions for the questionnaire?


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  • …if you’re reading a book at the dinner table.

    I’m always interested in what people in academia are reading in their spare time. What’s on the list this summer?

  • Joshua Wooden

    Sounds about right.

  • Are you stressed out because you really want to finish (say) four books you’ve started (and don’t *have* to finish), but you don’t think you’ll finish them before fall semester?

  • You read theology more than Scripture…

    You realise books are not feeding your soul and strengthening your faith but making faith unreal…

    • Danny Yencich

      Come on down off your high horse, I promise you it’s just fine down here with the rest of us spiritual plebes…

  • Kevin

    …your children don’t recognize you unless there’s a book in front of your face

  • Recoffey

    …you are reading while driving, or while sitting at a red light.

  • jesse coyne

    …you have books stashed in strategic locations throughout the house so that one is always at hand regardless of where you are sitting.