The River Cam, Cambridge 2012

Today is my wife Karla’s 40th birthday. We first met at university when she was 18; we’ve been together now half her life! Its is really hard to believe that we are in our 40’s and about to enter our 2nd decade of marriage (19 yrs on July 31). Karla is an awesome individual. And I am so privileged and blessed to share this life with her. She is sharply honest, super funny, intuitively discerning, and a great cook [!] (ok this last one is not true). Karla has supported me in pursuit of my dreams through these two decades. And in the last five years she’s been a great mom, under some difficult circumstances. Karla has a real ministry gift. I recently heard someone comment how she was the “queen of hospitality” on Tuesday nights when 50 college students come to our house.  On top of all this she’s gorgeous and getting more attractive with age. I love you Karla. Happy Birthday.

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