Follow: Christianity the Way Jesus Meant It (Part 1)

You may have noticed that the other half of Euangelion blogging team has not been very present on the blog in the last few weeks. This the result of the start of the fall with academic and ministry responsibilities. In addition to what is normally the case, I’m also the department chair this year. On top of this, I am trying to exercise more regularly (which my wife is very happy about!) The consequence of this is that the time to write blog posts is very limited. So as I was running this morning I had an idea. I’ll start posting my talks from my college ministry. In hopes that this will be an encouragement as well as a resource.

Starting this fall we’ve taken a new approach to delivering our teaching to our college groups that meet in homes. The approach we’re taking is to video teachings and put them up on Vimeo. These are not produced and taken with a Web Cam so it’s very low budget. In addition, we created discussion questions and put them on Google Docs so that small group student leaders and students can access them.

In my house, for example, where one of the college groups meet, we have four small groups spread around the house. Each of these groups (btw 8-10 peopel) has a laptop and they watch the video together. After watching the video the group uses the questions to discuss the content presented.

The series we began this fall I called “Follow”. Here’s the first installment. I’ve included a link to the discussion questions.

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  • Wayne

    I teach at a theological college here is Australia, we have been live streaming classes for a couple of years now – it works well and it not high budget.

  • Jeremy

    Are these weekly talks? I’m thinking of using them with my small group.

  • jwillitts

    Jeremy yes. You can find them at The discussion guides can be found at our face book page “crave-st. charles” I’ll be posting them weekly on the blog as well.