New Volume on Luke-Acts

Two fine friends of mine, Michael Pahl and Sean Adams, have teamed up to organize a great collection of essays on Luke-Acts in a new volume called Issues in Luke-Acts: Selected Essays.

Blurb: This volume provides an introduction and engagement with the major critical issues in the study of Luke-Acts. As the study of Acts has become, once again, one of the major areas of focus within New Testament scholarship, this collection of essays presents an orientation to the major issues of Luke-Acts study, while providing fresh scholarship by senior scholars. This holistic overture addresses fundamental questions such as authorship, dating, textual concerns, sources, speeches and literary form(s). Furthermore, theological topics, such as Christology, ecclesiology, pneumatology and missiology, as well as the portrayal of Paul, and the role of the Old Testament will be discussed. Finally, the reception history of Acts and its influence on the development of the early “catholic” church will be considered.

Table of Contents

  • The Author and Date of Luke-Acts: Exploring the Options by Frank Dicken (page 23)
  • The Unity of Luke-Acts: One Work, One Author, One Purpose? by Joseph Verheyden (page 43)
  • The Text of Luke and Acts: Witnesses, Features, and the Significance of the Textual Traditions by Dieter T. Roth (page 67)
  • The Sources for Luke and Acts: Where Did Luke Get His Material (and Why Does it Matter)? by Brandon D. Crowe (page 89)
  • The Genre of Luke and Acts: The State of the Question by Sean A. Adams (page 113)
  • The Narrative of Luke-Acts: Getting to Know the Savior God by F. Scott Spencer (page 137)
  • The Use of the Old Testament in Luke-Acts: Luke’s Scriptural Story of the “Things Accomplished Among Us” by Kenneth D. Litwak (page 163)
  • The Speeches in Acts: Historicity, Theology, and Genre by Osvaldo Padilla (page 187)
  • The Pneumatology of Luke-Acts: The Spirit of Prophecy Unleashed by David G. Peterson (page 211)
  • Christology in Acts: Jesus in Early Christian Belief and Practice by Larry W. Hurtado (page 233)
  • Paul in Acts: The Prophetic Portrait of Paul by Carl N. Toney (page 255)
  • The Patristic Reception of Luke and Acts: Scholarship, Theology, and Moral Exhortation in the Homilies of Origen and Chrysostom by Karl Shuve (page 279)
  • Luke-Acts and “Early Catholicism”: Eschatological and Ecclesiological Trajectories in the Early Church by Thomas Keene (page 303)

Looks great!

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  • S

    I think the amazon link is wrong. But the book looks good! Hopefully it doesn’t really cost $65.

    • Patrick

      A gentleman named Warren Gage wrote a dissertation demonstrating a chiastic/literary nexus between John and Revelation a while back(it’s online). It was impressive and in it he said the same deal exists between Luke and Acts, he just didn’t have the time to demonstrate it in that paper.

  • semprof007

    List price at the Gorgias website is USD 95.