Round Table Discussion with Michael Licona

Dr. Michael Licona, Christian apologist extraordinaire and persona non grata in some Baptist circles, is the feature of a round table discussion in STR with Danny Akin, Craig Blomberg, Paul Copan, Michael Kruger, Michael Licona, and Charles Quarles about his book The Resurrection of Jesus, including its controversial claim about Matt 27.51-53 being symbolic (I blogged on this earlier here). The discuss is a very public vindication of Licona, in the context of a criticism and testing of his view on Matt. 27.51-53.

I think Craig Blomberg offers a superb summary of the way forward:

Drs. Geisler and Mohler need to apologize in the same public forums in which they censured Dr. Licona, for having been inappropriately harsh and unnecessarily simplistic in their analyses. Second, all the Christian leaders who worked behind the scenes to get Dr. Licona removed from various positions, including already extended speaking invitations, likewise need to publicly seek Dr. Licona’s forgiveness. Then, if he wishes to remain within the SBC, a courageous SBC institution of at least comparable prestige to those that let him go needs to hire him.

Well done to STR for hosting the discussion, it is fair, critical, and gives a measured evaluation of Lincona’s position from several quarters.

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  • Well said, Mr. Blomberg!!

    • Patrick

      I tend to see biblical events as valid reality myself, but, Lincona gives me pause to at least consider his thoughts. Either way, he is to be commended for this book and his critics need to simply love Michael as opposed to condemning him.

  • Amen, Craig!

  • I’m Mike’s son-in-law and I’ve made several posts on my own blog from this topic. This whole thing has been ridiculous and Geisler and Mohler definitely owe an apology, especially Geisler who has done the most damage not just to Mike but to evangelicalism as a whole.

  • Eric Weiss

    Norman Geisler – First Murry J. Harris, then Michael Licona (and probably others I’m not aware of).

  • Mike Licona

    Thanks so much, Michael!