What is the Gospel?

My good friend Jonathan Pennington has a new book coming out this year on the Gospels: Reading the Gospels Wisely: A Narrative and Theological Introduction. This looks like it will be a great resource as an introduction to the Gospels. I look forward to its arrival later in the year.

I was all the more excited when I watched the book’s promo video. The video answers the question “What is the Gospel?” Jonathan you said it so well. Way to go! Watch and see for yourself.

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  • Patrick

    My tradition saw the Gospel as John 3:16, stand alone. Took some learning to see it as Christ bringing the kingdom to earth.

  • Becket

    “What is the Gospel?”
    I hope this book is going to be completely Bible based. I hope he concentrates on why we are called into Christ, it is higher than anything any man has every dreamt of.
    The introductory video does seem to promise to explain the eternal message correctly, which is crucial for us believers to reconnect to and returns us to the Christ’s original vision for us to transcend this world’s complete misunderstanding of why we are on earth. If we don’t proclaim the gospel, with the original plan of God, the basis for eternal life, the new creation which was begun in Jesus, continued on in us, and to be fulfilled after the Second Coming, if we don’t do it; who can?