Carey Baptist College Seminar on Same Sex Marriage

It is not often that you hear me lauding the excellence of New Zealanders. But Carey Baptist College in New Zealand has put up a brilliant discussion on same sex marriage with a panel including a sociologist, biblical scholar, and a lecturer in pastoral counseling.

Same Sex Marriage is being debated in many western democracies. My American readers will benefit immensely from this discussion as it shows how the same issue is being responded to in another western country by evangelical Christians.

Sarah Harris does a wonderful job talking about Paul and homosexual practices.

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  • Kiwi in Kenya

    Great to see Carey responding to this debate in such a way and making it available. Thanks, too, to Mike for bringing it to a wider audience. After watching, I think the conversation on the night was heading in the right direction, but didn’t quite get to discussing the crux of the issue for evangelicals. I don’t think it is enough for George Weiland to say that Jesus affirmed people who live outside the male+female template of a normal relationship. Jesus would have also said to these people, “Go and sin no more”. The evening didn’t get as far as wrestling with these two tensions.