Coptic Fragment of Jesus’ Wife

The blogosphere is a buzz with reports of a Coptic fragment that allegedly depicts Jesus referring to “my wife.”

The most helpful stuff I’ve read on the topic is:

Karen King’s original paper describing the fragment: “Jesus Said to Them: ‘My Wife …’: A New Coptic Gospel Papyrus”

Simon Gathercole, Did Jesus Have a Wife?

Craig A. Evans, The “wife” of Jesus

Larry Hurtado, “The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife … Maybe … Maybe Not

April DeConick, Did Jesus Have a Wife?

My own terse remarks would be:

1. The authenticity of the fragment is still an open question.
2. Calling a fragment a “Gospel” just because it reports Jesus’ words in it is a bit of a stretch.

3. The fragment is reminiscent in many ways of the Gospel of Thomas, Gospel of Mary, and Gospel of Philip.
4. Some second century groups, especially Valentinian Gnostics, regarded Mary as a consort of Jesus, but of course that was bound up with their view of marriage as a metaphor for a Gnostic cosmology.
5.  The value of the fragment for determining the historical Jesus’ relationships to any woman is nil.

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  • Dr. David Tee

    My comments are here:
    and here:
    I do not think this is as big of deal as they are painting it. If anything it just proves Ecc. true when it says ‘there is nothing new under the sun’ We have people today claiming Jesus was married and now we have an ancient person doing the exact same thing.

  • Hi Brethren,
    Jesus married Eleven Virgins soon after the Last Supper after throwing the Thief Judas Iscariot out into the Darkness. He washed the Feet of His Virgin Brides and then took them into the Bridal Chamber to perform the Marriage Ceremony by Breaking the Bread as His Body to be Eaton when Preaching Gospel and Drinking His Blood by becoming His Spokesmen. Thus, Christ Jesus Fished Eleven Men, the Solitary Masters of their own Destinies and they in turn became the Fishers of Men to Fish other Virgins into the Service of Christ Jesus to Glorify our Father. When Father wanted to Marry His Son and the Guests were gathered together eating and drinking then Father found One Man was not properly Dressed. He challenged him, how dare you come into the Wedding Banquette not properly dressed? He had no answer and was thrown out into the Darkness and he killed himself out of the rebukes showered by His Son Christ Jesus. What was the name of the person who was thrown out of the Wedding Banquette?
    Watch my Youtube Videos under channel nijjhar1 for the answer.

  • Kullervo

    Here’s a good response by a prominent pagan blogger that basically adds up to “folks, this i not a big deal.”: