Michael Bird to Join Ridley College in 2013

I am happy to announce that I’ve just accepted an invitation to join the faculty at Ridley College in Melbourne in 2013 as Lecturer in Theology.

You can read the announcement here.

It is an exciting opportunity for me, my family, and my academic ministry, to work for evangelical renewal in churches in Melbourne, especially in Anglican churches. Ridley offers a wonderful academic environment in Parkville, Melbourne next to several other theological colleges and the University of Melbourne. There have great things happening there like the Anglican Institute and Missional Leadership. It allows me to continue training students in gospel-based theology, to engage in postgraduate supervision, and to contribute to training biblical teachers for the churches. Other faculty there include Brian Rosner, Pauline studies guru, who is the recently appointed principal of Ridley.

Of course I am very saddened, quite grieved actually, at the prospect of leaving Crossway College in Brisbane. Crossway is a great place with a great faculty, wonderfully diverse body of students, a great missional ethos, and a gem of an institution. And I’ll dearly miss too our church family at Acacia Ridge Presbyterian Church who have put up with my casual preaching for the last three years.

So keep the Bird family in your prayers, especially for our move to a state where the predominant religion is a barbarian and blasphemous sport called AFL.

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  • Pete Head

    Great move Mike, now you can get to know a proper game of football. Don’t forget to pack some jumpers.

  • howie

    Now you’re Anglican, how long before you get to Moore?!

  • David

    Wow.. as a former Ridley grad and long time reader of your blog, I am so delighted by this news. Teaching theology, despite your specialist NT background seems to be following in Doc Morris’ footsteps! Blessing on your new ministry and may your transition be a happy one.


  • Congrats! This looks like a great move and a great acquisition for Ridley!

  • Gary Ware

    Congratulations. Great news for Melbourne. Sad news for Brisbane.
    The weather isn’t worse than Scotland, surely.
    Everyone will assume you’re a Lions supporter, unless you tell them otherwise pretty quickly.
    Not having a team isn’t an option.
    Just be careful before you accept a Collingwood jumper.

  • Congrats, Mike – that’s terrific news! And I hope I’ll get to see you more often now that you’re (a bit) closer to Sydney.

  • Didaktikon

    G’day, Mike.

    I’m sure you’ll love Melbourne, I certainly have since moving here earlier this year (it’s heaps better than Brisbane, and, the truth be told, about a thousand times better than Wagga!). However, best to tread lightly and watch your step. Archbishop Freier will have you priested before you can say, “hoc est enim corpus meum!” 😉



  • David Starling

    congrats, Mike!

  • Tony Siew

    Congratulations, Mike! This is great news. I am sure you will enjoy Melbourne and Aussie Rules Football.

  • Frederik Mulder

    Brian Rosner, one of my favourite scholars was certainly not an ordained Anglican minister before joining Ridley? I thought the dean must be Anglican or am I wrong?

  • Congrats!

  • MarieP

    Play the man at Ridley, play the man!

  • Peter McKeague

    Congratulations Mike; great news for Ridley and the Melbourne theological scene. To engage in meaningful social discourse, however, you will have to pick an AFL team and at least pretend to be enthusiastic. At least being in Victoria you can follow Qld in the State of Origin without fear!P

  • S

    Welcome to Melbourne! Have you worked out where to live? How about one of the western suburbs, or somewhere around Brunswick/Coburg (close to Ridley)? These are very special places in Melbourne. We need people like you to proclaim Christ and live out the good news there. Or else, please encourage your students to do so.

  • Antony Billington

    Congratulations, Mike!

  • Steve Grose

    Congrats Mike.

  • editor

    Many congratulations…