Sarah Lebhar Hall on Union with Christ

Over at CT is an interesting article by Sarah Lebhar Hall on the frustration of living purposefully ( The Key to a Purposeful Life). She notes how many folks, esp twenty-somethings, fear not fulfilling their ambitions and goals in life. She raises several points on that in relation to union with Christ:

If I am united with Christ, my focus can be on staying connected to Jesus.
If I am united with Christ, then my life will take on not only the direction of Jesus’ life, but its quality.
If I am united with Christ, I get to enjoy his victory. Now.

If I am united with Christ, my life—even my pain—is sweetened by fellowship with the Trinity.
If I am united with Christ, suffering is not a deviation or a dead end.
If I am united with Christ, I am freed from my fears. 


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