SPCK offer of Tom Wright Box Set of NT for Everyone Commentaries

SPCK has a special promotion where you can buy a box set of Tom Wright’s New Testament for Everyone Commentaries at a discounted price.

This limited edition box set features all 18 volumes from the bestselling New Testament for Everyone series, in canonical order. Here’s what you can expect. . .

  • a refreshed, contemporary design.
  • new book format – not to be sold separately and never to be printed again!
  • a signed letter from Tom Wright enclosed.
  • an ideal gift for Tom Wright fans everywhere!

This exclusive keepsake retails at £190 and is ONLY available through selected bookshops and our website. Use your author discount to GET 40% OFF! Just enter the code AUTH225 at the prompt on the payment page.

Click here to find out more and use your author discount now.

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  • Kate

    I get an error saying “AUTH225 is not a valid code”

  • Evelyn

    So do I, Kate :/ I got all excited then :(