Remember JSPL

Dear readers, I want to remind you three things about JSPL.

1. It is an awesome journal of Pauline studies. The current issue which is just out, 2.2, is a battle royale on Galatians, apocalypticism, and salvation-history with Martinus De Boer, Jason Maston, and Bruce Longenecker all going toe-to-toe. Plus some other groovy articles too.

2. I know many readers of this blog are postgrad students in biblical studies and professors in biblical studies. Please consider submissions to JSPL in the future (see the webpage). At the moment our 3.2 issue in late 2013 will be dedicated to “Paul and the Law,” so if you have a bee in your bonnet on that issue, please contact us with your proposed article.

3. In particular, we are also keen to publish dissertation summaries of Ph.D theses that have recently been passed. So if you or anyone you know has completed a Ph.D thesis on Paul, we’d love to publish a 1000 summary of your thesis.

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  • Geoff Smith


    I just finished my master’s degree. Would it be presuming too much to try presenting an article to the journal?