Howard Hendricks (1924-2013)

Probably one of the best courses I ever took in graduate school was a leadership course from Howard Hendricks in 1993 at Dallas Theological Seminary. I will always remember, and count it a privilege, having him for that class. I remember “Prof” teaching leadership by telling stories about individuals who became giants of evangelicalism in the 20th century: “Billy” (Billy Graham) and Jim Rayburn (founder of Young LIfe) and Henrietta Mears (influential college pastor in Hollywood and founder of Gospel Light Publishing) and Bill Bright (founder of Campus Crusade). My friend Kelly Williams and I would sit amazed at the influence that man had over his decades of teaching at DTS, six decades in the end.

He’s the one who taught me this important lesson: If I’m ever in an unfortunate situation to be subjected to a bad sermon,  open the text and preach to myself. He would say you should never listen to a boring sermon.

Here’s his memorial service. If you enjoy listening to a story about a life well lived, you’ll appreciate this service.

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