The Trouble with Atheism

Over at THEAGE.TV is a British documentary by journalist Rod Liddel on The Trouble with Atheism, which is a great critique of the modern atheist movement with Richard Dawkins and co. I saw it several years ago, glad it is now available in Australia and perhaps elsewhere.

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  • leewil

    Error message on clicking link: video not authorized for viewing in your location (US)

    • pete dayton

      does that mean we in US can’t watch it?

      • pete dayton

        How can I access it? Is it on YouTube or has it been downloaded somewhere else?

  • James Abney

    Great recommendation. Though he appears to be an agnostic, he portrays religion as reasonable, and maybe even necessary (with his discussion of morality).

  • Bill

    Don’t bother watching it. The producer starts with a set of pre-conceived ideas about atheists, and then distorts what his interviewees say to fit his preconceptions.

  • Patrick

    Since the 20th century experienced huge societies governed by atheist thinkers NOT influenced by Judeo-Christian culture and we have a good record of the misery of it, I’d say a documentary or dialectic is not necessary.

    No, not all atheists were communists, but, communism’s core was both avowedly atheism and implacably hostile to the Christianity it hated and the results are as nihilistic as imaginable, or not imaginable except for the 20th century record is documented now.

    • Deanjay1961

      Hmm. Of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot; only Mao did not attend Catholic School; so there seems to have been only one huge society governed by a thinker NOT influenced by Judeo-Christian culture, Of the four, only Stalin claimed to be an atheist; Hitler was a Catholic, Pol Pot was a Theravada Buddhist who believed he was under the direction of heaven, and Mao seems to have been a follower of Tibetan Buddhism or Taoism.

      The following quotes are from: “Behind the bamboo curtain: China, Vietnam, and the world beyond Asia” By Priscilla Mary Roberts. Mao Zedong and Pham Van Dong, Beijing, November 17, 1968
      Pham Van Dong: How are you, Chairman Mao?
      Mao Zedong: Not very well. I have had a cough for some days. It is time to go to Heaven. It seems that I am summoned to meet the Good God. How is President Ho?
      ~Taoism and Mao Zedong