Jon Stewart, John Howard, and Gun Control

I don’t want to alienate my conservative American friends, but this video about the NRA, Gun Control, and Australia is hilarious!
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  • Thanks for sharing this, Mike. I love the Daily Show but I missed this week. This clip made me laugh out loud. Shows the logical inconsistency of many gun fanatics, and does so in a humorous way.

  • Patrick

    I’m a yank and not offended about your views or PM Howard’s(I respect him), but, I do believe God gives me the right of self defense. Since violent men have access to guns and bombs and no one can change that, it doesn’t seem that I am a fanatic to express I might be allowed to own at last a gun.

    The problem with regulations is that many yanks simply do not trust our Caesar over here. I guess other folks hold their government’s in higher esteem than lots of us do our’s.

    If one were to argue a government could remove or limit access to explosive devices from violent men, I would respond with , “how’s the US drug war going”?

    “How well did the US do keeping arms away from the CSA armies”? They used the entire US Navy to blockade southern ports after all.

    “Why could the Boston bombers make those bombs? “Why did Tim McVeigh blow up a building”?
    All illegal activities the government pretty much has no answer for and never will, so I am of the opinion it is my God given right to protect from violent men if possible.

    Just a gun fanatic I suppose. Although I have never fired one in anger and hope I never do.

    • Nathan

      Hi Patrick.

      Your ownership of a gun is governed by fear… Not God. You should probably use your religion to summon some courage to build a better world for your children. Guns in schools? Come on. It’s getting ridiculous… And why? Because you are scared?

    • Squeebo

      A lot of Australians still own guns, the difference is we have proper checks and balances to make sure gun ownership is practiced responsibly. Also pretty sure guns are real pretty sure God isn’t – you just cant get rights from a made up guy in the sky.

      • Patrick


        I see a gun as = to a sword in the era of Jesus and He ordered His servants to arm themselves with swords when He was leaving them.

        I don’t think fear ruled The Lord’s thinking, I think it was wise as a serpent and innocent as a lamb myself, evil does exist and so do violent men and God has armed us with minds, we do our part, He handles His.

        “Prepare the horse for battle, but, victory belongs to Yahweh”.


        Many Americans do not trust our government further than we can throw it.That lack of respect is why “reasonable ” regulations are not meaningful to us. The thought is our state is more our enemy than protector.

        Plus, you guys seem to assume our violent criminal types would observe a new regulation of guns. Why? I don’t get that thinking. They wouldn’t.

        Are Mexican gangsters observing Mexico’s gun laws?

        I think you guys just have a lot less violent people which is kudos to you over us, we’re chock full of violence over here. Observing Christ is what will cure the USA of our violent nature, not Caesar’s prohibition laws.

        • Nathan

          As a straight to the point question, Patrick, what makes your religious justification to carry weapons different to the religious justifications of people such as Islamic extremists?

          You talk as though there is a very clear line between “good” and “bad” people. This isn’t the case in the real world. Everyone has the capability to do unspeakable things in the right circumstances. Even good people. We are all emotional beings after all.

          How many gun related deaths in the US do you think are attributed to heated arguments? If a gun wasn’t in reach, homicides would be prevented. If people can’t rush into gun purchases, homicides would be prevented.

          How many massacres have occurred at the hands of a person who walked into a gun shop with all their troubles fresh in their mind, purchased a weapon then walked out and taken their troubles out on the innocent?

          Australian’s aren’t less violent than anybody else in this world… that is exactly what happened here! 13 massacres in an 18 year period. The last straw was the death of 35 people in the Port Arthur massacre 17 years ago. 17 years after gun control was introduced… and it hasn’t happened a single time since. Does that not say something to you? Gun control fixed the very problem that America is having now!

          What about gun related suicide? You are so fixated on the random chance that you might get killed by a “bad man” that you have forgotten that it is twice as likely that your gun will be used in a suicide than a murder. Again, perhaps your children? Perhaps your wife? There is no quicker and easy way out than a load gun.

          We don’t have less bad people. We have less guns. A lot less… so when good people make brash, emotionally driven decisions it doesn’t result in the death of thousands of innocent men, women and children.

          I don’t know if many American’s know how big a new story the gun control saga is… but most of the world is following it, just shaking their head and sighing. No rational person would suggest that the solution to people with loaded guns is to give more people loaded guns. Its the paradox that unfolds in pretty much every Pro-gun debate like the Jon Stewart clip above.

          Do you honestly think Australia has no illegal guns? No gun related deaths? Of course it does… but gun control has proven to cut it down beyond significantly.

          Can you give an example of when a “good person” who owned a gun stopped a “bad person” from hurting them of other people? The news isn’t littered with “good man stops bad guy with gun!”… it is littered with “10 innocent people dead”.

          You would be a lot safer trading your gun for a kevlar vest and helmet…

          Yes. The world thinks your a gun fanatic. They probably think you are a religious nut as well. What about the bibles focus on compassion? love? faith? You don’t exhibit any of that in your justification. Just fear and distrust. It must be a sad old life.

          • Patrick


            Because I am listening to Christ and they are not. I’m a tad disappointed a fellow Christian doesn’t get this nuance. Self defense is not murder.

            Luke 22:35-38 is a clear edict for us to seek to protect ourselves from violent men. It’s our responsibility. Christianity is not like Islam’s “Inshallah” and we should not preach that false doctrine. We have our role, God has His.

            Recognizing that there are violent men on earth is not being unreasonable even if I could become violent myself. It doesn’t matter how many folks get harmed in heated arguments, I cannot disarm them nor can our government. It’s a fact you don’t get. I do, I live here. We aren’t Australians.

  • Maxwell

    I don’t believe in guns either, it makes self harm a lot easier. But it’s easy to judge the Americans on this. Since they are a much larger country than ours, it is statistically likely they would have more massacres.

    If the Russians in 1917 had the same access to guns that the Americans have, they may not have tolerated the oppressions of the Leninist and Stalinist regimes that terrorised their country. Would we have the will to resist a reign of terror and oppression in our country from our government? We have no second amendment to protect ourselves as the Yanks do. Yay for us. We are wiser.

    It is hard to believe that the low IQd Bryant would have been capable of the high degree of weapons accuracy in the killings of Port Arthur- they were mainly shots to the head. One thing is sure we got gun control. If John Howard abhors violence so much, why did he send our armed forces to participate in an illegal invasion of Iraq on the pretext of the lie of Weapons of Mass Destruction which has resulted in the deaths of two million people?