Jonathan Edwards Congress in 2015

For all of you JE junkies who think that Edwards is your home boy, you will not want miss the Jonathan Edwards Congress In Melbourne in 2015 (lots of time to get ready):

In response to the suggestions of the worldwide network of Jonathan Edwards Centers, Ridley College has the honour of hosting this significant event. Drawing on the scholarship and fellowship of JECs in the US, Germany, Hungary, Benelux, Poland, South Africa, Brazil, Japan and Australia, we invite academics, pastors and interested enthusiasts to make this occasion a priority in their forward planning. We are in the process of designing a conference that addresses contemporary debates in Edwards scholarship, provides opportunities for younger scholars or graduate students to present papers, encourages pastors and those in Christian ministry with theological resources, and can be credited to the degree of Masters of Arts in Theology with the Australian College of Theology.There will be the several opportunities to explore the great city of Melbourne during the week. Suggestions for day trips before and after the Congress will be posted here, as well as  accommodation near to the College.

A call is made for abstracts of 250 words to be submitted by July 2014 to the address: Submissions should include the author’s name, affiliation, email address, title of abstract, body of abstract, and a short biography. It is intended that a publication will result from this Congress; contributors to the conference may be invited to develop their papers into extended essays for such a themed volume.

Speakers include:

  • Ken Minkema (Jonathan Edwards Center, Yale University)
  • Adriaan Neele (Jonathan Edwards Center, Yale University, and University of the Free State, South Africa)
  • Doug Sweeney (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Chicago)
  • Gerald McDermott (Roanoke College, Virginia)
  • Harry Stout (Jonathan Edwards Center, Yale University)
  • Andreas J. Beck (Evangelical Theological Faculty, Leuven, Belgium)
  • Philip Fisk (Evangelical Theological Faculty, Leuven, Belgium)
  • Stuart Piggin (Macquarie University, Sydney)
  • Willem van Vlastuin (VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
  • Rhys Bezzant (Ridley Melbourne, and Research Associate, University of the Free State)
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