My David Jones Lecture Series “Not by Paul Alone” is Now On-line

Earlier this year I was privileged to present the annual David Jones Lectures Series at Covenant Theological Seminary. I had a great time with the faculty and students. I also got to meet their new President Dr. Mark Dalbey who is a lovely guy. Hanging out with folks like Robert Yarbrough, Michael Williams, Jack Collins, Robert Peterson, Greg Perry, Mark Chapman, and so many more. There were some great conversations with students too. Also, a big highlight was of course meeting Dr. David Jones and his wife Sue, who were wonderful company, and it was great to hear about their 40 years of faithful ministry and 50 years of devoted marriage.

My series of talks was titled Not by Paul Alone and is now available on-line.

Warning, in listening to the talks, I just noticed my propensity to “waffle” when I go off script, so apologies given!

"Unfortunately, correct. I wish it was not true."

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