Review of 1 Esdras in ExpT

The latest issue of ExpT has a positive review by Paul Foster of my (now probably forgotten) 1 Esdras commentary for the Septuagint Commentary Series.

This is an important addition to the Septuagint Commentary Series, and makes a valuable contribution to scholarship on 1 Esdras. All three sections of the volume are helpful in generating a deeper understanding of the text, and for the appreciation of the textual and exegetical issues that surround it. This is a strong piece of scholarship.

Truth be told, I fear receiving reviews of this book more than any other, for despite the several years I spent working on this project, I felt that I only scratched the surface of all things pertaining to Ezra/Esdras, Apocrypha and LXX scholarship .

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  • Joel J. Miller

    Congrats. There are few things more satisfying than someone publicly appreciating your work.

  • Ian Thomason

    Hi, Mike.

    Forgotten? I doubt it. It’s simply that a commentary which addresses a ‘lesser’ book in the Old Testament canon, and then from the Greek text of Vaticanus, is always going to struggle at being a best seller 🙂 Then there’s Brill’s pricing structure to consider 🙁

    I’ve yet to purchase your volume, but my interest was piqued when you mentioned it in the car from Sydney airport a couple of years ago. I do have the commentary on Genesis; if Brayford’s efforts are representative of the series as a whole, then the standard of scholarship is pleasingly high. It’s just unfortunate that one needs to be almost as rich as Croesus to be able to afford these helps, so I fear most will end up reading ‘you’ in their local theological libraries.

    God bless,