Scot McKnight’s new ebook on Christian Perseverance

Scot McKnight’s new ebook coming out is A Long Faithfulness: The Case for Christian Perseverance.

Here’s the blurb:

Can we choose and un-choose God? Or does he choose and un-choose us? In The Long Faithfulness: The Case for Christian Perseverance, theologian Scot McKnight examines what the Bible says about human salvation. Inspired in part by a resurgent Calvinist movement and its particular emphasis on God’s meticulous sovereignty, McKnight invites us to a clear and captivating discussion about securing the way to eternal life–the role God plays, the role we play, and the key Bible passages that illuminate the mystery of salvation.

Calvinists should read this. You’ll get some challenging exegesis of Hebrews that you have to deal with and a push back on certain strong views of divine sovereignty which will make you sharpen how you frame God and natural evil.

  • Gupta Nijay

    Or the Calvinists are…just wrong? :)