The Ridley Certificate

I’m glad to announce that Ridley Melbourne has launched The Ridley Certificate which is a fully integrated on-line multi-media  course designed for interested students, lay people, and church groups to grow in their knowledge of the Bible, Christian service, and theological doctrine.

Here’s the promo video: 

The certificate has some great units such as “Bible Overview,” “Ministry Skills,” “Christian Beliefs,”  “1 Corinthians,” and “Apologetics” to name a few. It also has some great teachers including Brian Rosner, Michael Raiter,  Andrew Reid, Tim Foster, Jill Firth, and others (I’m down to do some modules in the near future). It is only $95 per module and you can do the entire course for less than the cost of doing a single diploma unit in most Australian theological colleges. It is also open to everyone everywhere, interstate and international, and is ideal for church groups. 

Admittedly I’m biased, but the Ridley Certificate is best thing I’ve seen in lay theological education and it is a great of testing the waters if you are thinking about entering into theological studies.

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