Inaugural Leon Morris Lecture on Monday

On Monday, Dr. Brian Rosner will deliver the inaugural Leon Morris Lecture in New Testament Studies on Paul and the Law: Keeping the Commandments of God. It will be based on Brian’s just-released-book, named, you guessed it, Paul and the Law: Keeping the Commandments of God. There is a good teaser in Brian’s earlier JSNT article, “Paul and the Law: What He Did Not Say.” If you’re in Melbourne, do go to it!

Also, if you don’t know who Leon Morris, please go to your local fishmonger and ask them to slap you in the face with a soggy fish.  After that, read the wikipedia article about Leon Morris.

Here are some endorsements for the book:

“In the flurry of publications that address Paul’s view of the law, scholars sometimes miss the steady and unique contribution made by Brian Rosner. This can no longer be the case. After years of wrestling with this perennial debate, Rosner offers yet another outstanding study. While many books focus solely on the law’s soteriological role, Rosner forces us to ask different questions and look at the law through the different categories of RepudiationReplacement, and Reappropriation. No serious student can afford to understand Paul’s view of the law without giving due attention to Rosner’s new book.”

Preston M. Sprinkle
Associate Professor of Biblical Studies, Eternity Bible College
Author of Paul and Judaism Revisited.

“Although Paul’s account of the Mosaic Law has helped to shape a range of Christian approaches to the Old Testament, there is disagreement about exactly what he did and did not mean to say. In this much-needed book, Brian Rosner offers a succinct, clear, and comprehensive analysis of Paul’s complex statements on this issue – one that rightly keeps in view the canonical context in which these statements should be read.”

Francis Watson
Professor of New Testament Exegesis
University of Durham

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