Galatians 1.1-5: A Paraphrase

Paul, an envoy, sent not by any party faction, but by Jesus the Messiah and by God the Father, who brought Jesus back to life from the dead – and from all the brothers and sisters here with me. To the churches in the Galactic regions, may grace and peace flow to you from the abundance of God our Father and the Lord Jesus the Messiah. This same Jesus who surrendered himself for our sins so that he could rescue us from this diabolical dominion of darkness that we now languish under, even if only temporally, just as was planned by the will of our God and Father, to whom be an endless glory for an endless eternity.

""Feminists and homosexuals and tree-huggers". Wow. Some Christian you are."

David Bentley Hart on Misreading Paul
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David Bentley Hart on Misreading Paul
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David Bentley Hart on Misreading Paul
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  • Matt Williams

    Galactic regions?!

  • Isaac Soon


  • dougchaplin

    A long time ago, in a Galatia far far away …

  • John Andrew Kossey

    You are blessed with exceptional talent for creating thoughtful paraphrases. In this Galatians text, I particularly appreciate the way you highlight the contrast between temporal evil and God’s ever-continuing glory. Thank you for making this memorable.

  • Nick

    The first sentence: an argument against schism!

    Also, I’m totally down for a Galactic theme. Just imagine having a letter to Wookies…