My Response to Anti-Christian TV Ads by the Australian Sex Party

Over at Online Opinion: Australia’s E-Journal of Social and Political Debate, I have a piece on Why the Australian Sex Party Gets Religion Wrong (ironically the article is interspersed with ads from The Secular Party!). The Australian Sex Party (ASP) is a minor political party campaigning for seats in the senate and is largely financed by the sex industry. They recently put some advertisements on TV with a very strong anti-church stance. The videos I’m responding to are:

Church’s and Taxation

Church’s Influence on Politicians

In my conclusion I write:

It strikes me as a little strange that out of all the problems besetting our country, amidst all of the turmoil that we’ve had in the last few years, that the Australian Sex Party has focused its political campaigning on the threat purportedly posed by some invisible gaggle of cashed-up bishops who are secretly pulling the strings of our political leaders. It is hard to mistake this campaign for anything more than the use of misinformation to appeal to outlying prejudices against faith-based communities as a means of building some political capital. Thankfully I think it is a strategy doomed to fail and rightly so!

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