The Rise and Fall of Hipster Churches

My colleague, Dr. Tim Foster, has a good little article about The Rise and Fall of Hipster Churches. Its a description and critique of the phenomenon of hipster church plants. Foster concludes:

There seems to be a strong drive among hipster church planters to be the hippest pastor of the hippest church full of the hippest people. Yet within each of these aspirations is a seed that will assure the future destruction of the pastor and the church. Paul’s warning could never be more apt: “each one should build with care. For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid.” (1 Cor 3:10-11) It seems to me that being hip is not the right foundation.

""Feminists and homosexuals and tree-huggers". Wow. Some Christian you are."

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  • pilgrimboy

    The one thing that I definitely learned from that article is that Dr. Tim Foster does not like hipsters.

    • Frank

      No one does. Once you get through their pride and pretentiousness they are human like everyone else. When a hipster learns humility they cease being a hipster.

    • timfoster

      On the contrary pilgrim boy. Don’t confuse my concern for disdain.

      • pilgrimboy

        Glad to hear that.

        I like the idea of churches able to reach hipsters. I hate the idea of age segregated churches.

        However, I don’t know if hipster churches are the only arbitrarily segregated churches in the land. We have elderly churches doing the worship gathering in a style that they would only appreciate. We have suburban churches doing the same. It goes on and on. Hipsters may just be easier to pick on because they are easier to identify.

  • John

    In Truth and Reality all of what is now promoted as religion, whether old or new style, “traditionalist/orthodox” or liberal/progressive, is a version of whats-in-it-for-me consumerist religioisity.

  • My-Two Cents-Worth

    Just another marketing technique to sell a 2000 year old myth while raking in tax free money.