Its Here! Evangelical Theology Is Now Available

Today is the day that Evangelical Theology: A Biblical and Systematic Introduction is officially released. I’ve written several books and been proud of each one as each has its own story and its own place in the world. However, EvTh is my attempt to help shape the theology of emerging evangelical leaders by helping them to develop a genuinely gospel-shaped theology. It has not been for me just an academic enterprise, but one of worship. This book is my offering to God in the hope that it will build up and strengthen his church to the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.

So here is a dense promo pack for the book:

Gerald Bray was kind enough to provide an endorsement:

“Michael Bird has written a clear and accessible guide to Christian theology built around the central theme of the Gospel. He combines the Biblical texts with frequent references to contemporary theologians in order to illustrate the continuing relevance of the Word of God for us today. Evangelical readers will appreciate the concise but comprehensive exposition of the great truths of salvation and students will benefit from the leads given in each chapter to more specialized works on particular subjects.”
—Gerald Bray, Research Professor of Divinity, Beeson Divinity School

Find here a short video about why I wrote the book. 

Check out an excerpt of chap. 1 where I describe the central thesis of theology as gospelizing.

Find available the audio file of a lecture I did on: What is Evangelical about Evangelical Theology?

The first review of the book by Conrade Yap and is quite positive.

The official publishers page for the book is here.

For those in Melbourne, there will be an official launch of the book on 12 November at Ridley College.

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  • Ian Paul

    Will you be buying us all dinner at SBL to mark the occasion?

  • David deSilva

    Warmest congratulations, and heartfelt admiration for tackling the big questions!

  • David deSilva

    Warmest congratulations, and heartfelt admiration for your willingness to tackle the big questions!