Preston Sprinkle’s book “Fight” featured on Christianity Today

My Californian bro Preston Sprinkle has his book Fight: A Christian Case for Non-violence featured over at CT in an article called The Manly Christian Pacifist.

David Gushee comments:

Sprinkle takes the Sermon on the Mount seriously. The reader comes away unable to escape the urgency of living, even right now, in the radical kingdom way that Jesus teaches and practices. The Cross receives considerable attention, not just as the means of atonement for sin but as the model for how Christ conquers—through suffering love, not violence. Sprinkle rightly highlights how such “cruciform suffering” is urged upon Christian disciples throughout the New Testament. And he emphasizes that claims of national loyalty are legitimate only when they accord with the demands of our one true king, Jesus.

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  • Patrick

    I would argue terms such as “turn the other cheek” were never meant to be interpreted as “become a victim of violent evil at all times it may visit you w/o physical resistance”.

    The context Jesus spoke into was not about personal violence and our potential exposure to it, He was instructing ANE Israel to accept the governance God had given them even from pagans( it’s clear to me anyway in Daniel 4 that God assigned all human leadership) and to tolerate it both w/o violent revolution and with virtue love towards the Roman agency.

    They ignored Him in that as in most everything He said and they got 70 AD and 132 AD as a result. Same happened here in states in 1861 with southern folks and we got the hell knocked out of us for it, IMO.

    If we’re supposed to be pacifist in our entire lives, why then does Jesus make a point to instruct His 12 to arm themselves when He is telling them He is soon to leave them?

    Does he really believe Jesus would have stood there while a woman got raped or murdered in His sight? No, He would have beaten the man to death with a tree limb if need be to prevent it as a man, the only authentically virtuous man in human history.