More on the DJG (2nd ed)

I’ve compared the articles and the contributors lists of the first and second editions of the DJG. I’m sorry to report that if you want an article on “Abiathar” the priest you’ll no longer find one in the second edition. Very sad! You’ll have to keep your first edition after all!

Here are some data:

27  New Articles

African American Criticism
Beloved Disciple
Canonical Criticism
Criteria of Authenticity
Cynics and Cynicism
Exile and Restoration
Feminist and Womanist Criticism
Gods, Greek and Roman
Gospels, History of Interpretation
Historicisms and Historiography
Latino/Latina Criticism
Narrative Criticism (was Narrative Exegesis)
Orality and Oral Transmission
Postcolonial Criticism
Sin, Sinners (was Sinners only)
Slave, Servant
Social-Scientific Criticism
Songs and Hymns
Temple Act
Theological Interpretation of the Gospels

22 Omitted Articles

Destruction of Jerusalem
Divine Man/Theios anēr
Judas Iscariot
“L” Tradition
Liberation Hermeneutics
Literary Criticism
“M” Tradition
Mary’s Song
Preaching from the Gospels
Ransom Saying
Rhetorical Criticism
Simeon’s Song
Sociological Approaches to the Gospels
Tradition Criticism
Vine, Fruit of the Vine


1.  Several of the omitted topics have been enfolded into other articles presumably. For example the new entry on “Jerusalem” covers the topic of the destruction of Jerusalem.

2. The additions point out areas where the conversation about the Gospels and Jesus have expanded. Noteworthy is the expanded and defined list of “criticisms”. In the last two decades specialized approaches in minority readings of the gospels such as African American, Latino/Latina, and Women have emerged.

3. More theologically oriented topics (e.g. Incarnation, Christology) have been added along with an article on the theological interpretation of the Gospels and Canonical Criticism. These developments are promising. These more theological directions have been a welcomed development in Gospels studies. If I had to study how and why Matthew changed Mark as the primary approach to my Ph.D. work on Matthew, I would have never written it. I can remember consulting Scot McKnight’s dissertation on the Mission Discourse, which by the way, is a very good piece of work. After reading it, I was thankful that I didn’t have to write that kind of dissertation!

4. One can see development in the areas of research in the historical setting of Jesus with a new article on Cynics and Cynicism.

5. Omitted are individual articles on the discrete sources of “L” and “M” which may show less interest in debates about sources in the current discussion. This of course would be to the disgust of the few gospels scholars that still toil away in such matters. I’m thankful you folks, the two or three of you. Keep doing the work and raise up someone to follow you. I just don’t have the patience for that kind of scholarship.

6. An updated article on preaching and teaching the gospels is not in the second edition. This is disappointing.



On my quick count there are 130 authors. 20 of whom contributed to the first edition (see bolded names). That leaves over 100 new authors. After a quick scan of the list of names one will readily see that there is much more diversity among the contributors of the second edition, including many more woman in addition to ethnic diversity.

Ådna, Jostein Temple Act
Allison, Dale C. Mountain and Wilderness
Anderson, Garwood P. Parables
Anderson, Kevin L. Resurrection
Bauckham, Richard Christology
Bauer, David R. Genealogy
Baum, Armin D.  Synoptic Problem

Bayer, Hans F. Predictions of Jesus’, Passion and Resurrection
Beaton, Richard Authority and Power
Beers, Holly  Servant of Yahweh
Bell, Richard H. Demon, Devil, Satan
Bennema, Cornelis, Wisdom
Bird, Michael F. Christ; Sin, Sinner; Synoptics and John
Black, Stephanie L. Sign of Jonah
Bock, Darrell L. Blasphemy; Son of Man
Bond, Helen K. Herodian Dynasty; Pontius Pilate
Brown, Colin  Quest of the Historical Jesus
Brown, Jeannine K. Elder; Chronology; Justice, Righteousness; Matthew, Gospel of; Narrative Criticism
Burge, Gary M. Commandment
Burnett, Fred W.  Wisdom
Burridge, Richard A. Gospel: Genre
Carey, Holly J. Amen
Chapman, David W. Burial of Jesus
Chennattu, Rekha M.  Lazarus
Clarke, Andrew D. Slave, Servant
Cohick, Lynn H. Judaism, Common; Pharisees; Trial of Jesus
Crump, David M. Prayer
Cummins, S. A.  John the Baptist
Dennis, John A. Death of Jesus; Bread, Glory; Lamb of God
deSilva, David  Clean and Unclean
Downs, David J.  Economics; Hellenism
du Toit, David S. Salvation
Dunn, James D. G.  Law
Eddy, Paul R. Cynics; Orality and Oral Transmission
Evans, Craig AJesus in Non-Christian Sources; Midrash; Typology
Ferguson, Everett Baptism
Fitzgerald, John T. Chreia/Aphorism
Fletcher-Louis, Crispin  Angels; Priest and Priesthood
González-Tejera, Awilda Latino/Latina Criticism
Goodacre, Mark Redaction Criticism
Graves, Michael W. Languages of Palestine
Green, Joel BGethsemane; Heaven and Hell; Historicisms and Historiography; Joy; Jubilee; Luke, Gospel of; Kingdom of God/Heaven; Passion Narrative; Transfiguration
Gupta, Nijay Fasting
Gurtner, Daniel M.Temple
Hagner, Donald A. Anti-Semitism
Hartsock, J. Chad Blindness and Deafness; Light and Darkness
Hays, Christopher M. Rich and Poor
Henderson, Timothy P. Gospels: Apocryphal
Hernández, Juan Textual Criticism
Hill, Charles E. Canon
Hoehner, Harold WChronology
Huizenga, Leroy A.  Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
Humphrey, Edith M. Worship
Instone-Brewer, David Divorce; Rabbinic Traditions and Writings
Iverson, Kelly R. Gentiles
Johnson, Andy  Theological Interpretation of the Gospels
Kartveit, Magnar Samaritans
Keener, Craig S. John, Gospel of
Kellum, L. Scott Farewell Discourse
Klink III, Edward W. Freedom; Water
Koperski, Veronica Mary, Mother of Jesus
Köstenberger, Andreas J. Abiding; New Birth; Wine; Witness
Lawrence, Louise  Social Scientific Criticisms
Lewis, Karoline M. Shepherd, Sheep
Litwak, Kenneth D. Elijah and Elisha
Marshall, Maureen Yeung Faith
McCabe, David R. Oaths and Swearing
McKnight, Scot Ethics of Jesus
McWhirter, Jocelyn Bride, Bridegroom
Meadors, Edward P. Hardness of Heart
Mendez-Moratalla, Fernando Repentance
Miller, John B. F. Dreams and Visions
Miller, Susan E. Anointing
Miura, Yuzuru Son of David
Nicholson, Suzanne Mercy
Nolland, John Blessing and Woe; Sabbath
Novakovic, Lidija Israel; Mishnah; Typology
Oakes, Peter S. Rome
Olmstead, Wesley G. Judgment
Omiya, Tomohiro Leprosy
Osborne, Grant RElder; Life, Eternal Life
Painter, John Beloved Disciple; Wisdom; World
Pao, David W. Old Testament in the Gospels
Parsenios, George L. Incarnation
Perrin, Nicholas Form Criticism; Jubilee; Last Supper; Mark, Gospel of; Q; Temple
Peters, Dorothy M. Dead Sea Scrolls; Essenes
Piotrowski, Nicholas G. Nazarene
Pitre, Brant J. Apocalypticism and Apocalyptic Teaching
Popkes, Enno Edzard Love, Love Command
Porter, Stanley E. Criteria of Authenticity
Powell, Mark Allan Table Fellowship
Powery, Emerson B. Post-Colonial Criticism
Reeder, Caryn A. Child, Children; Family
Reynolds, Benjamin E. Logos
Riesner, Rainer Archeology and Geography; Galilee; Teacher
Rowland, Christopher  Prophets, Prophecy
Runesson, Anders Synagogue
Schapdick, Stefan Moses
Schellenberg, Ryan S. Eschatology; Peace
Schenck, Kenneth L. Gospel: Good News
Schnabel, Eckhard J. Apostle; Mission
Scott, James M. Exile and Restoration; Gods, Greek and Roman
Shepherd, Michael B. Targums
Smith, Mitzi J. African-American Criticism; Feminist and Womanist Criticisms
Spencer, F. Scott Forgiveness of Sins; Women
Spilsbury, Paul Josephus
Stanton, Graham N. Q
Strauss, Mark L. People, Crowd; Sadducees
Thellman, Gregory S. Scribes
Thompson, Marianne Meye God
Twelftree, Graham H. Church; Feasts; Miracles and Miracle Stories; Sanhedrin
Van der Watt, Jan G. Salvation
Van Voorst, Robert E. Jesus in Non-Christian Sources
Vinson, Richard B. Hypocrite; Songs and Hymns
Wahlen, Clinton L. Healing
Wall, Robert W. Canonical Criticism
Walton, Steve Ascension; Jerusalem
Watson, Duane F. Gospels: History of Interpretation
Watts, Rikk E. Triumphal Entry
Wenk, Matthias Holy Spirit
Wilkins, Michael JDisciples and Discipleship; Temptation of Jesus
Williams, Catrin H. “I Am” Sayings
Williamson, H. G. M. Samaritans
Winn, Adam Son of God
Witherington, Ben III Lord
Yamazaki-Ransom, Kazuhiko Lord; Revolutionary Movements
Yang, Seung Ai Sermon on the Mount/Plain
Young, Stephen E. Birth of Jesus 



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  • Richard Bauckham

    You may like to know that, although I contributed to the first edition, my article on Christology in this 2nd edition is new. In the first edition I contributed the article on Gospels (Apocryphal), which has been replaced in this edition. I suppose they didn’t like what I said in that article.

  • John Dennis

    Dear Joel, you have me down for “John the Baptist.” But the articles I wrote were: “Death of Jesus,” “Bread,” “Glory,” and “Lamb of God.” God Bless, John Dennis

    • Joel Willitts

      Thanks for the correction John. And thanks for your work on John. I love your dissertation!