Did Jesus Think He was God?

I just came across this debate on you.tube between Michael Licona and Dale Martin on “Did Jesus Believe He Was Divine?”

Very engaging and thought provoking.

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  • danzac

    The coolest guy in the room was the one behind the camera 😉

  • stu2

    Wow! Michael Licona thought he was going to have the best of the discussion by demonstrating that there are multiple attestations from multiple source materials in the NT which can be reasonably interpreted to mean that Jesus claimed to be divine, especially those passages where Jesus adopts the apocalyptic Son of Man title to refer to himself.

    He seems surprised and dumbfounded to discover that Dale Martin has such a strong methodological scepticism and a prior commitment to the principle of dissimilarity that he will never be convinced merely by the sheer number of passages that positively affirm Jesus’ divine self-consciousness.

    I have two comments. First, I was surprised that neither speaker addressed Jesus actions, particularly during his passion week, as part of the evidence to be considered. I think this is one of the strongest aspects of your book (Are You the One Who is to Come?) and any discussion of this topic that merely considers the sayings of Jesus without consideration of his accompanying actions is not considering all the evidence and therefore is likely to come to weak conclusions.

    Second, there was a question from the audience that asked Dale Martin on what basis he is an orthodox believing Christian if his faith is not based on the historical veracity and reliability of the central beliefs of the Christian Faith. I think this was the wrong question to ask. A better question would have been to ask him how he approaches the task of convincing non-believers to become Christians. This would have revealed how powerless a completely private, post-modern faith like his is to change the world.

    • Nate

      It doesn’t seem to be loading for me at this time. What was Dale’s response to the questions about his faith. Because I believe he would self identify as a Christian.

      • stu2

        yes, he identifies himself as an orthodox Christian, stating he happily recites the Creeds in corporate worship. The answer he gives to the question is twofold. First, he a Christian because he was brought up as a member of a Christian community. Second, when he wakes up in the morning he finds he is still happy to remain a Christian – it still works for him.