Who Summarized Romans this Way?

Okay folks, on a summary of Paul’s letter to the Romans, tell me who this quote comes from (no Google searches, has to be off the cuff):

Thrusting himself between those who were disputing in this way, the apostle interrupts the questions of the two parties so as to establish that neither of them deserved salvation by their own righteousness; rather, both peoples sinned knowingly and gravely, the Jews inasmuch as they dishonored God by transgression of the law, the Gentiles in that, although they ought to have worshiped God as the Creator revealed by the creation, they changed his glory into idols fashioned by hand. With [irrefutable] logic the apostle shows, therefore, that they are both equal, both having obtained in like manner, especially when in one and the same law it [was] foretold that both Jews and Gentiles were destined to be called to faith in Christ. Wherefore, humbling them in turn, he exhorts them to peace and [to] concord.

Answer comes tomorrow!

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  • griffingulledge

    The word “concord” lends me to believe it’s a Lutheran (excuse the text crit. joke), but my gut is telling me Beza.

    I really have no idea, however, and can’t wait for the answer!

  • Deane

    Giorgio Agamben?

  • Andy Goodliff

    Typical Doug Campbell I think 😉

  • Benjamin Davis

    It seems Wrightian. My answer: N.T. Wright.

  • Geoff

    John Locke

  • Michael

    John Calvin

    • Michael

      “Irrefutable logic” seems too Calvin.

  • Michael Bird

    The answer is … Pelagius!!!

    • griffingulledge

      You trickster!