Logos Software Here I Come!

I’m heading to the great Northwest today, to Bellingham, WA. I’ll be hanging with the good folks at Logos Software for the week teaching a course on John’s Gospel for their Mobile Ed program.  It’s a really cool way to accesses excellent teaching resources. I’m really looking forward to it and thankful for the invitation, although I’ve got some anxiety about teaching to a camera for a week. But I’m coming, so let’s do this!

The Passing of Thomas Oden (1931-2016)
Why Social Progressives are Pro-Segregationalists When It Comes to Religion
God and the Faithfulness of Paul Ready for Pre-Order in Paperback
Why Being a Woman in Seminary is Worth the Work
  • Cliff Kvidahl

    Looking forward to our week together brother! And do not worry, I’ll get you through the week. You are gonna be awesome!