Review of Jesus is the Christ at the Wheaton Blog

Over at the Wheaton Blog, For Christ and His Kingdom, Susan Rieske reviews my Jesus is the Christ: The Messianic Testimony of the Gospels. Very nice review, quite positive, have to confess that I liked Susan’s conclusion:

Bird is to be commended, as previously mentioned, for bringing contemporary research to bear on an age old discussion and doing so in way that brings the latter to life. His insightful analysis of the messianic concept in each of the individual books and what they are doing narrativally and theologically with this concept is the hallmark of his work. His writing is not only scholarly and precise, but also sprinkled throughout with captivating word choices and fresh turns of phrase, making his insights memorable and the reading enjoyable. With the perfect combination of depth and coherence, this book would be appropriate for a scholar, minister, or informed lay person; it would also make a very good choice for courses on messianism, Jesus, and the gospels.

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