Christian Askeland on the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife

Over at ETC, Christian Askeland has a great piece on Jesus’s Wife Resurrected.

Christian points out that any ambiguity in the carbon dating of GJW does not automatically favor its authenticity and thereby vindicate Prof. Karen King’s claims. Ye there are so many other factors which call into question its authenticity.

He writes:

Karen King has produced no new evidence to authenticate this fragment.  On the contrary, her prior contentions that the GJW fragment was (1) part of a literary codex and (2) was fourth century are now indefensible.  Her method of argumentation was not self-critical or objective, but will doubtlessly be sufficient for those who already want to believe.

I do not want to be cynical, but it looks like HDS is doing all they can to make sure that it doesn’t look like one of their own was fooled by a forgery. However, given how crafty some forgers are, I think there is no shame in saying, “Darn, he got me. He was devious and I was excited!” 

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  • MaryLouiseC

    I was surprised to see this back in the news again. I thought it had been debunked and that was that. But I guess some people never give up.
    I do hate the way the secular media presents it — as if it’s proof that Jesus was married. It’s so bogus!

  • Patrick

    It seems the papyrus is old. Several researchers have opined that it is a forgery anyway, likely using some of the same poor grammar of “Thomas”. Even if it weren’t, it would be a big nothing since we already have gnostic texts that claim Jesus had a wife.

    The faith wouldn’t be the faith it is IF we did not see opposition like this trying to mislead folks. This stuff has to happen, it was predicted it would happen and it always has happened.

    There is no theological opposition to any other faith is there? Is there a history of polemics trying to change the basics of Islam or Hindu in ancient history? I am not aware of any. There’s a reason for this.