Stephen Colbert and Faith

I have to say that Stephen Colbert is my favourite American comedian and is the best source for American news.

In fact, the other night, I had a dream that I wrote a book called, “Killing Colbert.” Yes, I write books in my sleep!

Any way, Relevant Magazine has a great piece listing the moments on his show where Colbert seems to get serious talking about his faith.

You can also see Colbert defend Jesus’ divinity against Ehrman in a video right here.

I loved this line from Colbert: “If Jesus doesn’t have a sense of humor, I am in huge trouble.”

Aren’t we all!

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  • Rich

    I liked the line from the video, “Jesus is … an elephant.” Also I hadn’t seen Ehrman in person before, I had the idea that he would be more aggressive in defending his views.

    • Patrick

      Bart understood Colbert runs his show, so he was onboard with it all. As odd as that “Jesus is… elephant” statement sounds, it’s a valid metaphor for how each Gospel tradition came to us.

  • “I have to say that Stephen Colbert is…the best source for American news.”

    Alas, many Americans agree with you, much to the detriment of our civic conversations and consequential conduct.

  • JRB

    I really enjoy Colbert, too but the comment that you think he “is the best source for American news” is incredibly depressing. While his satire is very well done, it is exactly that: satire. The show regularly chooses to selectively edit and mock policy and political debates in order to make jokes. That’s fine for the purposes of comedy, but to then make the jump and interpret that as ‘the best source for American news’ is to be fundamentally unserious and uninformed about important national issues.

    • L.W. Dicker

      JRB, chill the fuck out!!!

      Colbert is funny and entertaining.

      His only real downfall is that he’s a fucking Christian.

  • L.W. Dicker

    My cock, my cock, why hast thou forsaken me!!?”

    —Jesus Christ, after failing to ‘get it up’ on Mary Magdalene