What if Arianism Had Won?

Princeton University Press puts on a lecture by Diarmaid MacCulloch entitled, “What if Arianism Had Won?”

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  • Patrick

    What he forgot to add is orthodox Christianity would now be dead. I share his views, just don’t think he realizes from the enlightenment forward, had Christendom preached Arianism, it would have been proven by opponents not to be valid, unlike all the centuries of flawed scholarship trying to make this case.

    Jesus would not be Messiah if He is not Yahweh. This is a view most modern people haven’t been able to “see”. Daniel Boyarin does and so would all the post enlightenment foes of Christ in their anti Christ polemics if we preached the son of God is a created being.

    There might be a smaller religion based on this created Son of God, it would be small and this Jesus would not be the fulfillment of Jewish theology. I imagine it would be very similar to the JVs, except smaller. The JVs wouldn’t be as large as they are if orthodox Christianity was not around, IMO. They also would be validly vulnerable to Ehrman type attacks where as Orthodox faith is not.