Wow, American Liberals Really, Really Do Hate Catholics

I have to confess that I never cease to be amazed at the depth of hatred that American liberals have for Catholics.

Read the article about the Satanic Temple holding a “Black Mass” at Harvard Uni, which was only cancelled after much outrage and protest.

Is it me or does the whole freedom of religion thing apply only to when people want to mock or attack religion? As soon as someone wants to talk about religion and – heaven forbid – sexuality, the whole freedom of religion is scuttled in favor of preserving people’s “right” not to be offended.

I wrote an article on anti-catholicism in the media some time ago, view it here. I think I’m still right!

Sheesh. Does these people ever listen to themselves!

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  • Catullus

    As an American liberal, may I suggest your characterization is a tad bit overbroad? I’m friends with a lot of the species (both American liberals and Catholics), and I don’t know any liberal who hates Catholics. Do some liberals get frustrated at the Catholic Church or individual Catholics when there’s an attempt to incorporate Catholic doctrine into civil or criminal laws? Sure. But that’s a far cry from hating the Catholic Church.

    • Patrick

      I’m a 60 year old yank and the only thing I’ve ever read or heard of any Christian in the USA desiring a state/church nexus relating to morality are Southern Baptists. They want Caesar to act as God’s agency for personal morality in some instances.

      The Catholics do want Caesar to act as God’s agent for provisions to people, but, that’s what leftists are about so not sure why they hate Catholics.

      Maybe it’s because the Catholics won’t buy their Malthusian “kill every unborn fetus” pr campaign paid by the US government and homosexual marriage agendas, I’d be very proud of my denomination. That would be a badge of honor with me personally.

      That’s sort of what Jesus warned believers about isn’t it?