Would you bake a cake for a gay wedding? The Perspective from Aussie Christians!

Over at the Aussie Bible Society is an article about a number of Christian leaders who were asked, “Would you bake a cake for a gay wedding?” The responses are divided and include those who would and those who wouldn’t!

Here is what I wrote:

Yes, I would bake one. If you are going to live in a secular and diverse society you have to be able to get along with other people even if you don’t agree with their lifestyle. If you want to live in a Christian bubble and only work with and serve Christians, fine. But you can’t work in the world and then complain that people are worldly. I think it is hypocritical for Christians to bake cakes for co-habiting couples, divorce parties, a Hindu wedding, but refuse to bake for a gay wedding, since it implies that their sin somehow justifies making them pariahs. I very much doubt that the Apostle Paul, an itinerant tent maker, would refuse to make tents for people if he knew that those tents were going to be used for religious and ethical activities that he disagreed with. 



""Feminists and homosexuals and tree-huggers". Wow. Some Christian you are."

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